Corona and Quebec: Lies Death and Fascism

By Johnathon

Recently there has been a fake propaganda poll making the rounds that claim 94% of Quebecers agree with Francois Legault’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis. While we should be skeptical of the poll’s dubious and unrepresentative methodology, the fact that even one person thinks the government is properly handing this crisis is concerning.

We’d like to present some facts and perspective for anyone convinced by sweet talk and gesticulation.

When the state admits they are facing an acute shortage of medical equipment, don’t forget how they cut 170 million from the Health Ministry last year. Legault’s government gutted the healthcare system and should bear responsibility for the crisis. As of today, Quebec has close to half the cases of Coronavirus in Canada, and slightly less than half of these are in Montreal.

Legault is a bourgeois politician. He has no interest in the lives of people who do not vote for him. Legault and his government are balancing the budget with corpses.

This is not to say that the Liberal party or any party is superior. We must stop looking to politicians and start looking to proletarians. They are the real heroes. Legault, while you are going to wear a suit and a tie at a press conference, they are going to be wearing garbage bags as personal protective equipment

With nothing being done to handle the housing crisis, Legault’s pleas to “stay home” or ‘find hobbies’ are like Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake”. In spite of his empty pleas, Landlords are still collecting rent while people have become desperate and are now breaking into restaurants for food. The courts are out of commission while police have newfound power to make arrests to enforce social distancing and checkpoints have popped up in the countryside. Quebec is becoming a police state while the virus continues to spread unabated.

Legault’s new hobby appears to be fiddling while Rome burns. Don’t be fooled by his rhetoric in the press conferences. Trusting rich politicians is hazardous to your health.


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