Rectifying Partisan

As our readership would’ve certainly noticed by this point, Partisan has halted the production of articles since April 2020. This halting of articles was by no means a result of a waning of activities behind the scenes, but rather the opposite. Due to an attempt to rectify this publication on many levels, the editors of Partisan had decided to halt the production of articles in order improve the quality of said articles, the website, and the general coordination and presentation of Partisan. This decision came as a result of internal criticisms of Partisan and external criticisms as well. Some of these criticisms included a critique of the quality and quantity of articles, and the editors of Partisan deem these criticisms to be entirely correct – especially on the question of the quality of articles. If Partisan is to become a publication that represents the voice of the exploited proletariat and oppressed nations across Canada, then it is necessary that it be a publication that is easily digestible and engaging for its readership.

Partisan should also be able to effectively spread among the masses, and we have failed to achieve this thus far. Instead, Partisan has effectively been a “niche” publication with a small readership that does not adequately represent the exploited masses across the entire country. These weaknesses have by no means been reflective of Partisan in isolation, but are directly connected to the poor practice of revolutionaries and especially Maoists in the context of Canada. Therefore, a rectification of Partisan should undoubtedly mean a rectification of the work of revolutionaries and especially Maoists in Canada as well.

Taking this into account, Partisan would like to encourage its readers, writers, and revolutionaries in general, to reflect on their past practice (and the results therein) in order to further develop their theoretical understanding of the concrete conditions that lie before us. This is the only means by which we can improve our work and build revolution.

It should also be apparent within the coming months, that there will be positive changes to Partisan that include an improved quality of articles, a new design and overall look, and a more effective means of reaching the masses as well.

The editors of Partisan would also like to apologize to everybody in its orbit for the seemingly abrupt radio silence of this publication since April 2020. We recognize that it was an error to take this long to publish a statement on this question, and we sincerely apologize to all of those who have contributed to Partisan or have read its articles. We will do our best to learn from these events and improve our practice as a result. Hopefully, the coming improvements should stand as an example for revolutionaries and Maoists to improve their mass work, since this publication is heavily dependent on their actions and experiences for the production of articles and revolutionary media in general.

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