AUSTIN: Fire The Abusers Target University Campus

How did Fire the Abusers begin? FTA began as a loose coalition between Popular Women’s Movement (PWM) and student protesters during the fall 2019 semester. Various groups of students organized sit-ins at the UT Austin provost’s office to protest the fact that 2 professors found guilty of sexual misconduct, Coleman Hutchison and Sahotra Sarkar, were … Continue reading AUSTIN: Fire The Abusers Target University Campus

GUELPH: Workers Support Women’s Day

By Alexis J. On March 8th, International Working Women’s Day (IWWD) workers from the Revolutionary Workers Movement (RWM) took to the streets of Guelph to celebrate working women and distribute revolutionary literature. The RWM stated that they were out on the streets to talk with people and try to recruit new people to the workers … Continue reading GUELPH: Workers Support Women’s Day

GUELPH: Revolutionary School: Proletarian Feminism

By: Luc M. On Feb. 12th supporters of the PCR-RCP hosted their first Revolutionary School on Proletarian Feminism, this presentation was done in collaboration with the Vancouver RSM Cell. The presentation focused on the different feminist tendencies and the development of each through their history of struggle. The presentation concludes with Proletarian Feminism (ProlFem) being … Continue reading GUELPH: Revolutionary School: Proletarian Feminism