SASKATOON: Crises Sows Revolutionary Seeds

By Jon McCrimmon The Saskatchewan healthcare system struggles to adapt to this crisis like much of the county, ravaged by decades of neoliberal capitalism. COVID-19 is a rare force of nature, something to be respected and not taken lightly. By sucking the life out of our healthcare workers with overwork, cutting resources outright and by refusing … Continue reading SASKATOON: Crises Sows Revolutionary Seeds

COVID-19, the Canadian State, and Global Capitalism

By the Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire - Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP) Originally published here: With the current economic downturn, the capitalist media and its pundits would make it seem as though COVID-19, or what is known broadly as the “coronavirus”, is in itself the cause of mass shortages and the general collapse of the global … Continue reading COVID-19, the Canadian State, and Global Capitalism

GUELPH: Workers Attack RBC Banks

By Chloe L. It was reported that militant workers attacked RBC (Royal Bank Canada) buildings and bank machines. The workers released that they sabotaged bank machines and building locks while also spray-painting anti-colonial messages on the buildings. The attacks are said to have happened sometime on Friday the 13th to correlate with a day of … Continue reading GUELPH: Workers Attack RBC Banks

GUELPH: Students Target Pro-Military Propaganda

Repost from Revolutionary Student Movement - Guelph " To reduce the injunction served by the CSA (Central Students Association) to the police down to an anti-police and military rhetoric is to ignore the genocide that is occurring in British Columbia. The police and the military from their inception have been a tool of the state … Continue reading GUELPH: Students Target Pro-Military Propaganda

AUSTIN: APD Mass Arrests Working Women’s Day Participants

Repost from Popular Women's Movement "Today mass arrests were taken by our organization, supporters and members of the community who were marching for International working women’s day. This year we marched to honor the victims of sexist violence such as Veneranda Martinez of the Montopolis area. APD enacts violence against women everyday brutalizing and assaulting … Continue reading AUSTIN: APD Mass Arrests Working Women’s Day Participants

IRELAND: Interview with Macradh

Interview with a supporter of Macradh by Siraj, a Supporter of MER-RSM Vancouver Who are you and what is your organisational history? Macradh Irish Socialist Republican Youth is a Socialist Republican organisation for those between the age of 15 and 25, and the youth wing of the Irish Socialist Republicans. We also believe in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, … Continue reading IRELAND: Interview with Macradh

AUSTIN: Fire The Abusers Target University Campus

How did Fire the Abusers begin? FTA began as a loose coalition between Popular Women’s Movement (PWM) and student protesters during the fall 2019 semester. Various groups of students organized sit-ins at the UT Austin provost’s office to protest the fact that 2 professors found guilty of sexual misconduct, Coleman Hutchison and Sahotra Sarkar, were … Continue reading AUSTIN: Fire The Abusers Target University Campus

GUELPH: Workers Support Women’s Day

By Alexis J. On March 8th, International Working Women’s Day (IWWD) workers from the Revolutionary Workers Movement (RWM) took to the streets of Guelph to celebrate working women and distribute revolutionary literature. The RWM stated that they were out on the streets to talk with people and try to recruit new people to the workers … Continue reading GUELPH: Workers Support Women’s Day

GUELPH: Students Run RCMP off Campus

By Luc M. On Wednesday March 4th, between 100 and 200 students at the University of Guelph occupied the University Centre, demanding that the university’s Board of Governors divest immediately from fossil fuels and in particular the controversial Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline, the attempted construction of which has in the last month sparked a country-wide … Continue reading GUELPH: Students Run RCMP off Campus

IRELAND: Direct Action Against Royal Visits

Repost from Anti Imperialist Action Ireland "Despite the ring of steel put in place by the Free State and British Security Services, Members and supporters of Anti Imperialist Action Ireland and the Anti Internment Group of Ireland slipped inside the cordon to stage a direct action against the English Royal Visit in Howth as the … Continue reading IRELAND: Direct Action Against Royal Visits