SASKATOON: Crises Sows Revolutionary Seeds

By Jon McCrimmon

The Saskatchewan healthcare system struggles to adapt to this crisis like much of the county, ravaged by decades of neoliberal capitalism.

COVID-19 is a rare force of nature, something to be respected and not taken lightly. By sucking the life out of our healthcare workers with overwork, cutting resources outright and by refusing to take this seriously in time; Provincial governments of the past and present are trading lives for economic gain, lives traded directly for profit.

Not only this, but as revolutionaries are painfully personally aware, many people do not have adequate supplies on hand from their own run-ins with the capitalist distribution.

In spite of this lethal blunder out of our control, the people have organized in Saskatoon to make sure the most vulnerable in their community remain safe and healthy.

Sometimes the most anxiety-inducing aspect of isolation and quarantine is the uncertainty of what even the next hour will bring. Those caring for and raising children alone, people with limited mobility or chronic illness are especially at risk in these times of capitalist crisis.

Food Not Bombs – Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Emergency Mutual Aid Fund, and Revolutionary Communists Saskatoon Cell have pooled resources, time, and labor in order to distribute packages of isolation supplies to families and people in need.


After first delivering in mid-March, they have already successfully completed over 50 deliveries. Requests for both assistance and donations come in daily, demand for relief from the ravages of capitalism has never been greater.

An excess of 200 kg of food and supplies have been donated and redistributed at this time. End to end this is roughly half a football field.

Saskatchewan has over 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and in order to safeguard the community throughout this crisis, the joint action has taken the necessary precautions. This includes preparing all food in proper conditions, cleaning every exterior surface before drop off, wearing protective equipment, and monitoring the health of their drivers, volunteers, and comrades.

The importance of solidarity in these times is paramount. The people remember their friends well and help their friends in turn.

The rapid growth in such a short time underscores this relationship. It is only together we can overcome this crisis and flourish in the new rising class consciousness.

Each bundle is a seed of our new shining future planted by loving hands and grow in revolutionary conditions.


Saskatoon is Treaty 6 territory, traditional territory of the Cree, Dene, Blackfoot, Saulteaux, Nakota Sioux, as well as the Métis.

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