GUELPH: Workers Attack RBC Banks

By Chloe L.

It was reported that militant workers attacked RBC (Royal Bank Canada) buildings and bank machines. The workers released that they sabotaged bank machines and building locks while also spray-painting anti-colonial messages on the buildings.


The attacks are said to have happened sometime on Friday the 13th to correlate with a day of action was called for by the Wet’suwet’en Nation to put more pressure on the Canadian colonial government. The attacks and rallies were called to demand that Canadian colonial troops withdraw from all Wet’suwet’en Nation territory and for CGL (Coastal Gas Link) to stop with the illegal building of a pipeline through their territory.

The struggle against colonialism and capitalism has increasingly got more militant with hundreds of actions happening across North America. In Guelph, occupied territory of Mississaugas of the Credit Nation and Anishinabek Nation, people have organized large mass rallies to show support for the Wet’suwet’en Nation while simultaneously carrying out militant actions on the colonial state. These include multiple sabotages on banks, bank demonstrations, anti-RCMP propaganda, and evicting RCMP off-campus.

The fact that many are rallying against capitalism and the colonial state signal new conditions that support revolutionary action and an increase in class conscious politics.
We can predict that as the struggle continues, militant actions and mass support for Indigenous rights and decolonization will grow.


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