GUELPH: Students Target Pro-Military Propaganda

Repost from Revolutionary Student Movement – Guelph


To reduce the injunction served by the CSA (Central Students Association) to the police down to an anti-police and military rhetoric is to ignore the genocide that is occurring in British Columbia. The police and the military from their inception have been a tool of the state to eliminate Turtle Island’s indigenous populations. The over representation in prisons, the indigenous rate of poverty and the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls are proof that the RCMP and other police forces in Canada are continuing their legacy of genocide and colonialism. The Guelph Campus Conservatives have completely erased this fact to frame the Wet’suwet’en supporters as anti-liberty, anti-safety and anti-rule of law. The fact of the matter is that Wet’suwet’ten land has been recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada as belonging solely to the hereditary chiefs. The Canadian government has just as much right to this land as they do to soil in Australia. To stand aside and allow the RCMP and the Canadian government to invade this land for the sake of the economy or to avoid disrespecting the troops is a grave and shameful injustice. As guests on the land of all indigenous peoples we have an obligation to aid them in defending their land against attacks on THEIR liberty, safety, and rule of law. The RSM stands in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people and condemns the actions of the RCMP, Canadian government, and their supporters.


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