SASKATOON: SEMAF to Establish Large Community Garden


SEMAF is honoured to begin fundraising for the establishment of a large community garden, this spring 2020 for Carry The Kettle Nakoda Nation – Cega’kin located on Treaty 4 Territory, east of what is known as Regina.

Working with and under the direction of community members of Cega’kin, activists & friends from Saskatoon/Treaty 6 territory have planned the logistics of this garden and estimate it will yield approximately 450-550lbs of food per grow season, with plans to expand the garden further in coming years.

This will aid immensely in alleviating the issues with food and nutrition insecurity the people of Cega’kin in have been facing as a community, as many First Nations communities do due to isolationism. Lack of access to reliable/affordable transportation create barriers among people living on reserve when it comes to retaining livable employment, accessing affordable grocery stores, obtaining medical care, and many other things. This action will not only feed the people of Cega’kin, it will also help to bring self-sustainability and deserved independence to the community.

This action belongs to the Cega’kin Nation, the role of the fundraising and external community efforts is simply to help in getting it off the ground. There will be no profits made, the food will be distributed for free throughout the community and there will be no stipulations to receiving it such as joining a church intent on pushing a colonialist agenda.

We are asking our following to please share and donate to their best ability, as the start up funds to make this happen are our biggest hurdle to tackle.

(Canadian donations only):

(International & Canadian donations):

(The PayPal is currently under the name of a member of SEMAF while we submit required documentation to PayPal to have it changed to our SEMAF name)

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