MONTREAL: Masses Demonstrate Following Legal Injunction against Blockade


By: Jonathan, a supporter of MER-RSM Concordia

At about 10 o’clock on February 21st, the blockade in the suburbs on the South Shore of Montreal came to an end. The revolutionary masses,sustained the blockade over three days, stopping rail traffic. The blockade was supported by comrades from the RSM-Concordia and their supporters since the beginning on Wednesday. After an injunction was obtained by the fascist Legault government and the police arrived on the scene to serve it, a mass demonstration was called to support the blockade and revolutionary slogans were raised.

Some of our members were threatened by police and told to stay away on their way to the demonstration. But they continued onward where they joined comrades from JSPP and ILPS. Some comrades with a nice banner of Lenin were harassed by a couple of hotheaded ruffians who were mouthing absurdities like “Lenin was an imperialist”, “Lenin put indigenous people into camps”, and “authoritarianism”. It’s a testament to the sad state of affairs among the youth when they are brainwashed with capitalist propaganda about one of the greatest champions of national liberation of the 20th century. Clearly much work remains to be done in educating youth. After the rowdies were calmed down, the demonstration marched through the streets, overturning a police roadblock, and joined with those returning from the blockade as the pigs closed in.

Those who were with the blockade until the bitter end were cheered and embraced by the comrades. While this is the end of the blockade on Saint Lambert, the land defenders remain strong from coast to coast. In Kahnawake the land defenders have received the hereditary chiefs of Wet’suwet’en. The RSM-Concordia upholds the call to make revolution, remove the RCMP and stop the pipeline, and supporting the blockades. Honour, glory, and victory to the land defenders.

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