MONTREAL: Demonstration in Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Nation

A photo from an earlier demonstration in Montreal

By: Jonathan

In Montreal, the revolutionary masses held a demonstration that took the streets and even left the RCMP headquarters covered in paint and anti-colonial slogans. The demonstration was called in solidarity with Wetsuweten against the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Over 100 demonstrators were seen with the Hiawathas Belt flag of the Haudenosaunee to show their support for the Mohawks of Tyendigada and Kahnawake, who are defying the settler-colonialist state by blocking the rails.

The mass demonstrations and actions of people from every tribe and nation coast to coast have been a slap in the face to the oil barons claims that the Wetsuweten have no support. The pipelines have cost the bourgeoisie of Canada billions and they are hopping mad, nearly frothing at the mouth that people with nothing but scrap wood and desperate courage are negating their investment. The mouthpiece of the bourgeoisie, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, has been screaming for their idiotic pet Trudeau to put an end to the stand of the Land Defenders. The fascist goons and thugs have already taken it upon themselves to attack a blockade in British Columbia and try to run people over in Regina.

The reprehensible hypocrites of the NDP and the Green Party have shown their true face from their actions. If they build their filthy pipeline, they will waste all their money and time, on top of that, all honest and conscientious people of this land will only despise them more than they already do.

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