GUELPH: Revolutionary Activists Blockade GJR Rail Line

By Alexis J.

On Feb. 8th at approximately 10:00am, 20 activists engaged in a train blockade at the York Road Guelph Junction Rail (GJR). This action was in support of the Wet’suwet’en Nation who are currently fighting against the fascist colonial military, the RCMP. On Feb. 6th the RCMP initiated an illegal invasion on the sovereign Nation to clear the way for the Coastal Gas Link (CGL) pipeline to be built.

As this is being published the invasion is continuing and the RCMP are at the Gidmit’en checkpoint. The RCMP are bringing in large excavators and other heavy machinery to push through the bridges and gates that have been set up. Helicopters are bringing in tactical teams, heavily armed RCMP officers that are being dropped behind the Gidmit’en camp. There are dozens of other units at the checkpoint and surrounding areas meaning the Gidmit’en camp has been kettled in by snipers.

In Guelph the GJR is a 38km track that transports industrial goods such as grain, plastics and lumber from the Guelph area to the larger Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) lines. This action was part of the call to action to shut down Canada by halting the distribution of commodities, effectively stopping the flow of capital and costing corporations and the state millions of dollars.

Around 20 people were able to shut down the rail lines for approximately 45 minutes and then halted traffic for several minutes before the occupying police force arrived. It was overheard from the officers that trains were scheduled to run, but as of now it is unclear how much the delay cost the corporations.


This action comes one day after it was reported that several RBC banks were sabotaged by militants in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Nation. Now the blockade proved to be another successful action, signalling that many more actions will continue in Guelph and across so-called Canada until the B.C. government have completely withdrawn their fascist colonial military from the unceded Wet’suwet’en territory.


Guelph is the occupied territory of Mississaugas of the Credit Nation and Anishinabek Nation



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