GUELPH: Militants Sabotage RBC Banks

By Alexis J.

On Feb. 7 it was reported that militants sabotaged several RBC banks and ATM machines across Guelph in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Nation. These attacks appear to be in response to the RCMPs illegal invasion of Wet’suwet’en territory yesterday morning.

The militants used glue on the ATM machines and the locks of the bank doors to shut down the banks. The militants also left communiques to voice their political attack and call on others to fight back against the genocidal Canadian state.


The communique reads,

On Feb. 6 the RCMP illegally invaded unceded Wet’suwet’en territory. Arresting 6 people and bringing in dozens more RCMP units, heavy machinery and command centre equipment to prepare for the next raids. Although this pipeline is completely illegal and unconstitutional as this is sovereign territory, the NDP and the Canadian colonial police have made it clear they do not care. In other words, the Canadian state is committed to the genocide of Indigenous people.

As revolutionaries we cannot sit back and watch this genocide continue. Although our forces are small at the current moment we know that with time we will grow and unite with Indigenous Nations, progressive forces and the working class to completely smash this rotten system and build a better society for all. Through revolutionary action led by a Revolutionary Party one day we will decolonize so-called Canada through Peoples War and build a new society run by Indigenous people and the proletariat working-class.

Until then, we will attack the settler-colonial state where we can. RBC banks are involved in funding colonialism and violence against the Wet’suwet’en nation. RBC acts as a ‘financial advisor’ to the investors and shareholders of CGL pipeline. Without RBCs involvement this pipeline may never have happened. The commitment of banks to protect their investments and profits over the people and environment is what allows these projects to keep happening. This is why it’s important to highlight the role of banks like RBC and to target the financial source of the state and capitalist violence.

We call on all progressives to take action now! Have you ever wondered what you would be doing if you were alive during WW2 and saw concentration camps? What about if you were alive during the civil rights movement or during slavery? Will you take action or will you sit back and watch the world burn.

We will not stop until the CGL pipeline project is completely stopped.

Even then, we will not stop until so-called Canada is destroyed and a new society is built by Indigenous Nations and the working-class.

Glory to the Wet’suwet’en Nation!

Decolonize Canada now!

Long live the proletariat revolution!

The photos and communique were sent to The Partisan and we do not have any connection to this action or the individuals involved.


Guelph is the occupied territory of Mississaugas of the Credit Nation and Anishinabek Nation



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