Students Target Nazi at SFU

A poster put up around the SFU Burnaby campus by supporters of the Revolutionary Student Movement

Last month it was revealed by Anti-Racist Canada that Tony McKay, a 21-year-old Simon Fraser University (SFU) student and reserve member of the Canadian military was a user of the Nazi forum Iron March. Iron March’s user information had previously been leaked in November and ever since anti-fascists have been working through the released data looking for the identities of local fascists like McKay.

Tony McKay posted regularly in defence of fascism under the alias DEAD on Iron March while he was active on the forum. In his posts, McKay described himself as a “national monarchist” and advocated for a Eurasian ethnostate in Cascadia. In his introductory post to Iron March, McKay claimed association with Brandon Russell and Devon Arthurs two members of the neo-Nazi terrorist network Atomwaffen Division (which had itself been formed on Iron March years before). In an attempt to distance himself from his posts he has described them as just “trolling”. However, his current association with fellow Vancouver neo-Nazi, Ian Kelly, shows that this is far from the case.

McKay’s Tinder profile is shown here. Although the description refers to him as only an “alleged ‘neo-nazi'”, he can be seen associating with known neo-Nazi Ian Kelly.
McKay’s associate, Ian Kelly, is shown here presenting a pie with a swastika on top.

McKay began his career as a student at Kwantlin Polytechnic University studying liberal arts. He later transferred to First Nations studies at SFU in the university’s Interim Aboriginal University Preparation Program. During this time, he had also been kicked out of residence.

Since having his fascist sympathies revealed, McKay has dropped out of SFU and is attempting to find work with CN rail in either Smithers or Terrace.

The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) has been targeting McKay since he was exposed as a fascist. The most recent of these actions occurred on Sunday January 12th when the SFU Burnaby campus was covered in posters detailing McKay’s ideology.

A photo of a poster at the SFU Burnaby campus.

Although McKay has now dropped out of SFU and is leaving Vancouver entirely he remains a threat to all working-class people particularly those of more marginalised backgrounds. We encourage all those with more information on the Nazi Tony McKay to reach out to

– Siraj

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