Students Mobilise against Transphobic Event


The latest installment of the transphobic “GIDYVR: Still Talking Series” has managed to crawl its way into Simon Fraser University. The series presentation at SFU is titled “How media bias shapes the gender identity debate” and is sponsored by archaeology professor Mark Collard. Among the panelists are Meghan Murphy, Lindsey Shepherd, and Anna Slatz.

Murphy is infamous for her Feminist Current publication, a platform where she claims to be in solidarity with working women by using Marxist terminology, but instead spews a bioessentialist argument against our trans sisters. Bioessentialism is the argument that gender is tied to biology and as a result cannot be changed. Murphy uses this reactionary argument to negate the existence of trans women. Additionally, Murphy has been banned for her transphobic comments from Twitter earlier this year. This past summer, Vancouver Public Library allowed Murphy to use library space to present and as a result VPL was banned from the Vancouver Pride Parade.

Lindsay Shepherd has gained her notoriety when she presented to her students a video arguing against trans people’s right to be addressed by their proper pronouns. In a flimsy attempt to make herself a victim of the university, she branded herself as a “free speech advocate” and started touring the nation to hang out with well known alt right figures.

Anna Slatz, or Anna de Luca, was the editor-in-chief of the University of New Brunswick’s student newspaper. There, she published an op-ed with the leader of a white supremacist group in which they conveyed racist and antisemitic comments.

SFU students, SFU’s Teacher Support Staff Union, Independent Jewish Voices – UBC, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the Revolutionary Student Movement have been organizing against this presentation. Thus far we have put up posters, organized two phone and social media zaps (one of which was this past Saturday, ​the next one is on the 26th​), and there is a protest planned for November 2nd at Harbour Center campus if the university does not cancel the event.

– A Supporter of MER-RSM Vancouver

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