RSM Holds First Revolutionary School


On September 14th, the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM) held the first class of their new initiative: The Revolutionary School. The purpose of this initiative is to host monthly educational events for working-class students and other working-class people covering a variety of topics in revolutionary communism. This first class focused on the topic of scientific socialism with a special focus on its application to Canada.

This class marked not only the first class of the Revolutionary School in general, but also the first in a series covering the basics of Marxism. RSM intends to follow this series up with a second series covering women’s liberation, national liberation, and anti-Zionism.

RSM has structured this initiative so that no prior knowledge is required to attend a class. Every topic presented is built from basic concepts so that even those with no familiarity with socialism or the science of revolution can engage with the subject.

While the class primarily drew students, individuals from other sections of the working-class were in attendance as well for this discussion on class struggle, the current decaying capitalist state, and socialism. Attendees were encouraged to actively engage in the class and to treat it as a discussion rather than a lecture.

As attendees discussed the historical failures of reformist practices with respect to Venezuela, Chile, and Ghana, a long debate emerged on whether elections could be used as harm reduction. While this debate was not fully resolved by the end of the class, those in attendance were unanimous in the belief that only revolution could establish socialism.

The class finished with announcements by supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) and the Revolutionary Peoples’ Movement (RPM) on their upcoming protest of Maxime Bernier and their electoral boycott respectively.

If you want to join the RSM for the next class of the Revolutionary School, you can email them at: or reach out to the on Facebook. Their next class will be on Marxist Philosophy with a date and location to be announced soon.

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